Each year, since 1892 , the society has - bar two world wars and a few name changes - brought a highly individual splash of colour to community life as the best in flowers and vegetables go on show. Culinary and creative skills in the domestic classes, along with the artistry of floral art, also feature - as do the imaginative exhibits in the children’s classes.
Now at the ripe old age of 123, we still hold four shows a year. There’s the spring show in April, followed by the summer and autumn ones in July and September - the biggest of the year. Rounding them off is the colourful Winter show in early November.
There used to be five, the June rose show ceasing in 2008. Instead the society now runs a stall at the giant Hayes Fair, an indication of the role we play locally, from providing judges for the Hayes Annual Front Gardens Competition to taking part in the Christmas Tree Festival at Hayes Free Church.
All a world away from the small impromptu flower show held by Hayes cottagers back in 1892. So successful was this event that the Hayes Cottage Gardeners’ Association was born, later, in the 1920s, to become the Hayes Village Industrial Society.
But by the 1930s interest declined, and it was only a skeleton committee that kept the society ticking over until in 1934 when the then newly formed Hayes Village Association suggested staging a show. After a shaky start, the society was back in business.

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